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Founded in 1980 by CHIEN Wei-zang, a celebrated Chinese scientist in mechanics and mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics was a quarterly in the beginning, a bimonthly the next year, and then a monthly ever since 1985. It carries original research papers on mechanics, mathematical methods in mechanics and applied mathematics closely related to modern mechanics. Facing the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the obvious trend such as intellectualization, new energy, ecological green. The journal pays more attention to the mathematical basis theory of AI, mechanics plus information network, new energy, new materials, life science, ecological science, medicine and other cross fields. We are making due contributions to the development of new production capacity and promoting the development of new talents. Readers of our journal are scientific researchers, engineering designers, teachers and students of colleges and universities, scholars who are interested in this subject.

In the invitation letter sent by the editorial department to the reviewers, the abstract and key words of the manuscript are attached to help you roughly judge whether the content of the manuscript conforms to your scope of review. If it is within the scope of your review, and you have time to allow it, you can choose to approve it; if it is not within the scope of your review, or you have other difficulties, you can choose to refuse it. We would be very grateful if you could recommend the experts in related fields and their e-mails in line with the content of this manuscript.

The paper of this journal is evaluated anonymously. The innovation and application value of a paper is an important index to measure the academic quality of a paper. The reference standards for reviewing manuscripts include the following 5 aspects:

(1) Is there any academic moral problem in the papers? Is it in line with the coverage of the journal?

(2) What is the significance of topic selection of the papers? Is the topic cutting-edge or hot spot?

(3) Is research paper innovative enough? Is the review paper broad, deep and forward-looking?

(4) Are the argumentation, experiments and references of the paper sufficient?

(5) Are the structures, language and logic of the paper rigorous?

There are excellent / good / standard deviation, please give the overall evaluation. Specific comments include: whether there are new ideas in the academic field, whether there are (potential) values in the application and whether the titles, keywords and references are appropriate? Whether the Chinese and English abstracts are concise, informative, reflect the research contents and consistent with the Chinese and English contents? Whether the foreword clearly discusses the research background and innovation of the research contents? Whether it puts forward specific scientific or technical problems? Whether the experimental part is clear? Whether the chart data are reasonable? Whether the arguments of the discussion part are clear? Whether the key points are prominent? Whether the conclusions are appropriate and reasonable? What is the readability level of the full text? Please give the overall evaluation and suggestions of this paper and finish the review.

We warmly welcome the experts of mechanics and related disciplines from universities and research institutions to review the manuscripts for our journal. You can click "apply to be a reviewer" in the reviewer login column or send an email application to the editorial department ( ). After verification, the editorial department will add your information to the reviewer database.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all reviewers for their strong support for the development of our journal. We are welcome all experts to contribute your papers enthusiastically!

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